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ModeHunter Python tools for normal mode analysis
VMD molecular graphics
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Multi-scale 4-D analytics for MD trajectories.

new Version 1.4: Advanced Nonlinear Statistics using Multual Information. In support of a new paper (Kovacs and Wriggers, 2016), we have implemented a new fast information matching (FIM) solver that bridges between fast and slow time scales and generates 3-D spatial heat map images from a statistical analysis of 1-D MD trajectory time series.

is a Python-based package that can be used to detect and characterize significant conformational changes in simulated biomolecular systems. The program makes use of multiple time scales of dynamics and spatial organization. TimeScapes is an SBGrid supported application.
Coarse Grained Model

The software is copyrighted, (c) 2016 under the terms of the legal statements in the distribution . Please send any inquiries, bug reports, etc. to timescapes >>at<< biomachina.org.

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